Hi there. I’m Madeline, an Indiana Wedding Photographer!

Madeline, a midwest and Indiana wedding photographer, poses for a photo

Hey friends! I’m Madeline, an Indiana wedding photographer! I want to kick off this blog by officially introducing myself so that we can get to know each other. You can expect resources and tools in the coming blogs to help  you: a photographer, future bride or momma. I’ll drop details, ideas, tips and tricks along the way to help capture your love story, perfectly!

About Me

First, a little bit about my story. Born and raised an Indiana Hoosier, I grew up in Muncie and am the middle child with 2 siblings. I am bouncy, loud, fun, and definitely an extrovert! I recently bought a house and became engaged to my best friend, Dylan. We have since rearranged the house to better accommodate the lifestyle of our three spunky cats – Chopstick, Mochi and Sushi.

For the first 19 years of my life, I actually wanted to be a doctor. This was short-lived though. I dropped out of chemistry week 3 (some of you know the struggle).  From there, I picked up a camera in 2015 and it’s been a love story ever since. I graduated with a degree in photojournalism in 2019 from Ball State University and then worked as a photojournalist for years, specifically within the disability world. In 2020, I transitioned to lifestyle and wedding photojournalism (thanks covid). And this past summer I officially took my photography business full-time!!!

Madeline a midwest and Indiana engagement photographer, poses with her recent fiance for a photo

I’ve lived all around the country and yielded a deep love for travel and experience. I have a goal of making it to all 50 states by age 30 (I’m 25 and have been to 38 so far!). I achieved my goal of 10 countries by 30 last year, too! Woo!

In addition to wedding and lifestyle photography, I love working within my community to capture fairs, festivals, and other events. I also collaborate with nonprofits throughout Indianapolis to capture their participants and fundraisers to continue promoting positive growth and engagement within my community.

Looking over her shoulder, Madeline enjoys a greenhouse in Indiana as a wedding photographer

My Love for Photography

My story with photography revolves around the deep power and meaning that photographs have. They allow for some of the most important moments of your life to live on forever. For example, I’ve had the honor of capturing the final images of grandparents, pets, siblings and more, and nothing means more than the photos you have of the people you cherish in your life.

Photography also provides a challenge. To stay on top of my craft, it is my responsibility to continuously push myself with new opportunities and through learning new skills. Challenging myself through capturing sports, products, and promotional items, every new venue offers an exciting challenge- new light, new angles, and new opportunities.

With photos hanging throughout my home, I love being able to talk, smile and laugh about the stories behind the memories! I love the way they spark conversation and storytelling, it’s a beautiful way for me to share my world with the people I love! 

Most of all, I love that I can get to know my loved ones better through the photographs taken at different points in their life. My fiancee has seen my puffy cheeks in baby photos and I’ve gooed over my parent’s wedding pics. We can all relish in the memories we have and the moments that are most important to us.

Always Choose the Memories

I hope this introduction helped you get to know me a little and my passionate love for what I do! I want to leave you with one important photography tip: Next time you are getting ready to stand back and take a family photo, ask a stranger to take it. You will only miss out on the memory of that moment!

Midwest and Indiana engagement photographer, Madeline kisses her fiance in front of a lake in Michigan

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