Before we chat about capturing your big day, here’s a bit about what my life looks like away from the camera:

I am a born and bred Hoosier and chose to settle my little family in Indiana’s cozy corner of the Midwest. My family consists of 3 of the most adorable kittens you will ever meet and the love of my life, Dylan.

Your Personal Storyteller

hi there. I'm Madeline!

Photography has been my love since I first picked up a camera in 2015. Since then, I’ve graduated with a degree in photojournalism and have been actively pursuing a career in lifestyle and wedding photography since 2020.

Lastly, but most importantly, I LOVE love! I cherish each and every detail of the stories, moments, and beautiful adventures that love takes us on. I am dedicated to creating images you can look back on (whether it’s after 5 years or 50) to relive in beautiful, cozy nostalgia. 

my love story

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Photo by Curious Courtney Photography

Photo by Curious Courtney Photography


my style

I’ve spent some time on the other side of the camera. Trust me, I get it. Having your photos taken can feel intimidating, especially if it’s your first time!

But don’t stress. I’m here to guide you through every step of the way. I’ll remind you to take a deep breath, look into your person’s eyes, and just be you. This way, your best self is guaranteed to shine through those wedding pics.

Don’t worry. Just be you.

Yes, pun intended. But really, you should have a photographer you click with. This is the biggest day of your life we’re talking about. If you don’t totally love the person capturing it, will you love the photos? 

I want to connect with you, put you at ease, and help fill your special day with a little extra touch of love and laughter. This is your moment, and I promise to be there for you, fully present and eager to capture each beautiful second.

Ever meet someone and you just click?

A connection like no other

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Photo by Curious Courtney Photography